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running shoes for flat feet

Running Shoes for Flat Feet

POSTED BY : Rachel Young

You have tons of options when it comes to running shoes for flat feet.  While there is no one right shoe for every flat-footed runner, we have tips for what …

training for a marathon

Training for a Marathon: 5 Essential Tips

POSTED BY : Rachel Young

Are you considering training for a marathon?!  Whether it’s your first EVER, or you’re just trying to go into the next one a little more prepared…not to worry. We’ve got …

nutrition mistakes

Stop Making These Five Nutrition Mistakes!

POSTED BY : Elizabeth Inpyn

Getting your nutrition dialed in can make or break your training plan. Learn how to avoid making these five running nutrition mistakes! Running Nutrition Mistakes: Avoiding Fats Eating fat does …

How Pilates Can Compliment Your Running

POSTED BY : Meghan Manaois

Meghan Manaois is a badass runner and pilates expert, hailing from Southern CA. She tells us exactly how pilates can compliment your running. How Pilates Can Compliment Your Running: You …

how to build the perfect meal

How To Build The Perfect Meal In 4 Steps!

POSTED BY : Elizabeth Inpyn

As runners (with real, busy lives) it’s super important to know how to build the perfect meal! Check out Coach Elizabeth’s four easy steps! Seriously, this guide could change your …