A BBOY Inspired Running Warmup for ReebokOne


Here is another video….

…exclusive to the ReebokOne fitness community.  This time we invited our good friend Ed Johnson (aka BBoy Blakk of the Renegade Rockers) on a special collaboration! Watch it here.


BBoy’s are known for their incredible style, athleticsim, and strength! Truly freestyle gymnasts, we wanted to collaborate to bring some basic BBoy steps that everyone can do into their own training. In this warmup, you will open up your hips and ankles. You’ll warmup and challenge your shoulders, and you’ll be sneakily working on that CORE the entire time! Plus you’ll be having some fun along the way.


Following this video, you will have a solid understanding of basic footwork steps and how to incorporate into a warmup routine for your next cross training workout or even your next run!


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If you want to learn more about Ed Johnson and the Renegade Rockers. Check ’em out here.


So there you have it! Stay fit, stay funky!

Nate, Craig, Jason, and Ed!