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laura annLaura Ann started consistently running during her 3rd pregnancy.  She ran the entire time (38 weeks along), and picked it back up a week after her daughter was born…yes you read that right!

Oh and she ran her 1st marathon 11 months post-partum.  After four years of running Laura Ann’s ultimate goal is to break a 20:00 5k, and BQ which she missed by 1:25 last fall.



Let’s see how Laura Ann answered our run questions:


Q: What is your favorite post run treat?

A: A homemade granola bar – I found a recipe for one I love on a runner’s blog.  Made of all natural ingredients without all the added sugar you find in store-bought granola bars.


Q: What is the most motivational song on your playlist?

A: I find any Eminem song gets me moving quicker.


Q: What is your first run memory?

A:Racing the boys on the playground in grade-school.


Q: What was the last run you did?

A: This morning I ran a 45 minute speed-play run: 10 min warm-up, 6 x 30 seconds at faster than 5k pace, 5 minute cool-down.


Q: Hardest run you’ve ever done?

A: They’re ALL HARD! I think running IS HARD. PERIOD – LOL!  But if I had to choose one specific run, I’d say the last 4 miles of my last marathon.  I just felt like I had a flat tire and my body didn’t want to maintain the pace I had going on earlier in the race.


Q:What is your biggest struggle with running to date?

A: BREATHING! – I just can’t synchronize the breathes-in-and-out with the foot strikes.  And I can’t tell if I’m actually using my diaphragm or not.


Q: What drew me to the Run Experience?

I love how the guys go over proper run technique and strength training moves – like the squat and pushup for examples.  I haven’t found a coach or running website that shows you exactly how both of these things NEED to look like.  I LOVE the videos!!


Thanks for sharing Laura Ann! Cheers to many more miles of running strong! 

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  • Rene

    Hi Laura Ann, congradulations on your achievements. I also have the same issues with breathing. I was wondering if you had figured out any kinks in this area that you would be able to share – thanks