Run, white and blue!

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Whether she is running through a foot of snow, or running through intense humidity, this New Yorker is on the run!

Danielle runs with Team RWB,  an organization who’s mission is to enrich veterans lives through physical activity and community activism.

Let’s see how Danielle answered our run questions:




What is your favorite post run treat?

I usually enjoy a banana with peanut butter.

What is the most motivational song on your playlist?
Headstrong – Trapt

What is your first run memory?

Funny question! The first 5k I raced in was called the Chilly Challenge. My coworker at the gym suggested we race in it. I had never raced before and was excited for the new experience. I trained for a few weeks prior to get ready for it. The day of the race came and he told me he wasn’t going to make it. There was snow falling, a foot of snow and hundreds of runners. To say the least, I was nervous. My friend encouraged me to still race. I did and I finished. It was one of the best feelings.

What is the hardest run you’ve ever done?

The hardest run I’ve ever done was Feet Fleet 15k in Buffalo, NY a few years ago. The humidity was extremely high, due the rainfall from the previous day. Even though the race was early in the day, the temperature was already hot. It was so hot, you could see the heat waves coming off of the pavement. By the end of the race, I was dehydrated, full of sweat and exhausted. Overall, it was a grueling experience I will never forget!

What is the BEST run experience you can remember?

The best run experience to date was running the Baltimore full marathon in October. It was my first race outside of my hometown. I was excited and nervous for this new experience. When I approached the starting line, I said what I typically say to my mom before she leaves, “I’ll see you at mile 16 mom and at the finish line. I love you.” When she left, I felt a rush of emotions. The moment had finally come and I was ready to race. The course was difficult and mentally challenged me. When the home stretch came and I saw the clock at 3:49, that’s when I knew my hard work paid off. I was beyond excited about my new accomplishment.

What is your biggest struggle with running to date?

I have three: dealing with work stress, getting enough sleep and not throwing my back out again. It’s hard to find the time to decompress from work and go for a run. I joined The Run Experience because I really needed to learn more about proper form and cross-training. Even after 4 years of running, there’s still so much to learn!

What drew you to The Run Experience?

When I trained for my first marathon, I experienced pain in my knee from over-training and inadequate rest. Young and naive, I learned the hard way. I worked with educated individuals who helped retrain my body to being injury free. I was back to running and training in 6 months for my first marathon. That’s what drew me to The Run Experience. I want people who have struggled with injuries to know that they can overcome those obstacles if we get help from the right people. People like Nate can transform your life and show you how to become injury free too!
What is your proudest run moment(s)?

My marathons have always been my greatest accomplishments, but running with Team RWB is where I encountered my proudest running moments. I run with people currently in the military and veterans. When we run together, we push each other to be better. They inspire me everyday to work harder. So I have to say, I am most proudest when I am running with my team.


Thanks for sharing Danielle! Cheers to many more miles of running strong! 


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