Running Beats Smoking Every Time!

gina gina

Gina always liked running, but her high school didn’t have a XC or a track team (even after she begged for a couple years), and opted (more or less) to take up cigarette smoking instead.

Fast forward to her mid twenties, Gina had a kid, went to college, and got married. She took a walking class (yes they exist) in college and realized how out of shape and unhealthy she had become.  She started walking more and more in her spare time…

Fast forward to her 30s, Gina was unhappy, smoking yet again, and in need of major life changes.  So, one day out of sheer rage, she bolted out the door and just ran. Not just a little, either. She ran 4 mind-blowing miles, and you BET she was pretty darn sore afterwards. Most importantly, the rage had disappeared, and so began her days of running.

What’s better? She lost weight, felt better about herself, AND finally took control of the substance that had such control of her for so long.  No more cigarettes!  Inspired and invigorated…she has been running ever since!


Let’s take a look at Gina’s answers on our run questions:

Q:What is your favorite post run treat?

A: Honestly a frozen margarita (save that for after long runs and in my ice bath)!
Q: What is the most motivational song on your playlist?

A: : Sail by Awolnation
Q: What is the last run you did?

A: I run daily, so yesterday’s run was a quick 2 miler before work.


Q: What is the hardest run you’ve ever done?

A: Marine Corps Marathon 2014… Wasn’t prepared enough and was having IT band problems, my time was way off…


Q: What is the BEST run experience you can remember?

A: It’s a little bit catty, but it was during a 5k, a 19yr old girl was in the same race, I was 33 @ the time and she was like “I’ll see ya at the end.”  She took off super fast and and by the beginning of mile two I past her and never looked back…[Editor’s comment: booya!]


Q: When was the last time you lost a toenail?

A: It was probably the summer 2013, lost 2 I think; it’s so gross to me!

Thanks for sharing Gina! Cheers to many more miles of running strong!


Gina continues her streak of running awesomeness as an active member of The 30 Day Challenge! Do YOU have what it takes to complete the challenge? Click here to find out more…