time to run…OUI OUI!

nancy croppedNancy is a marketing manager in New Jersey where she lives with her husband and two kids.

Nancy grew up in Connecticut, went to college in Boston and had a goal of going to France either through work-study program or semester abroad.

Having attended Northeastern University which had a very well established work-study program at the time, Nancy got to France and found her second home. She started running while in France through some of the countryside areas where she lived.

When she returned to the states and to NYC specifically, she continued running with the New York Road Runners Club and really enjoyed running in Central Park. Through the club, she did a training program for the NYC Marathon, but was injured in a car accident and had to withdraw from running the race.

Having the bug to experience the marathon in some way, Nancy decided to volunteer at the Marathon that year and used her fluency in French to translate for French-speaking runners at the end of the race.


Let’ see how Nancy answered our run questions:

Q: What is the most motivating song on your playlist?

A: My most motivating music on my playlist changes and I make sure to add new songs to it to keep it all fresh, but recently I’ve added Closer by Teagan and Sara, Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon and Fight Song by Rachel Platten. I also have some Fall Out Boy, Nickelback and The Offspring on my list too.

Q: What was  you last run?

A: My last run was this past Sunday. It was a long run for my half marathon training. I did 10.25 miles which was a half mile more than my last long run. I live on a lake so I did two laps around our neighborhood before going out onto a busier county road. This always keeps me on my toes since I’m never quite sure if people are paying attention while driving (I’ve had some close calls, unfortunately).

Q: What is the best run experience you can remember?

A: Some of my best runs have been runs in a new, unfamiliar area where I just take in the scenery and have no real idea where I am going on how far I’ve gone, I just focus on feeling good and on my thoughts.

Q: What is your hardest run to date?

A: The hardest run I’ve ever done would have to be the 22 mile training run I did while training for the NYC marathon. I don’t recall my body feeling so spent since that run.

Q: What is your proudest run moment?

A: My proudest runs lately have come during the mud runs I’ve been doing for 3 years now. First it amuses me that I pay to go “play” in the mud, but aside from my current half marathon training, I have never had to overcome not just the physical impacts or running but also the mental/emotional aspect that mud runs challenge me to do. I always feel a great feeling of accomplishment after finishing those races.

The spirit of camaraderie and helpfulness that the majority of the participants show each other is also a great thing to experience.

Q: What is your biggest struggle with running?

A: My biggest struggle with running to date has been getting past my low mileage weekly average and pushing myself further. I had noticed that ever since I started adding cross training and weight-bearing training into my routing, my running times have gotten slightly faster and I feel stronger. Joining The Run Experience has also helped me find and solve some focus areas with both strength training and stretching. 


Thanks for sharing Nancy! Cheers to many more miles of running strong!


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