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A 2 week introduction to healthy sustainable high performance eating!

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2 Weeks of Nutrition Coaching & Nutrient-Packed Tasty Recipes

14 delicious nutrient dense dinner recipes to super charge your running and your health along with meal planning tips, fueling guidelines, and expert nutrition coaching!

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Eat Right

No runner will get very far if they don't put the right "fuel" in the car. Follow this plan for a healthier, cleaner, and tastier way to eat like the athlete you're training to become!

DIY Dinners

Eating out is convenient...and even fun. But it's also an expensive nutrient poor alternative to shopping for and cooking your own fresh ingredients. Cooking may be a new habit for some, but it's not as hard as you think! In Fast & Fit we'll show you how to eat like an athlete for life!

Community & Coaching

Every athlete has their individual needs in training. But this is even MORE true when it comes to your eating preferences, dietary restrictions, and food allergies especially when piled on top of your training needs, work and commuting schedule, and family obligations. Eating right can be a hard lonely course to travel, but not if you have a supportive community and savvy nutrition coach to back you up!

What's Included:

Here's a break-down of everything in the Fast & Fit Food Plan

  • Nightly Recipes: 14 Delicious, Easy to Follow, Nutrient Packed Recipes
  • Nutrition Survival Guide: Successfully Navigate Your Day with these Snacking, Fueling, & Hydration Guidelines!
  • Nutrient Focus: A Deeper Dive on Key Nutrients Every Runner Needs for Health & Well Being!
  • Coaching Calls: Regular Group Coaching Calls Dedicated to Your Nutrition, Hydration, & Fueling Questions
  • Facebook Coaching: Access to Expert Guidance in our Exclusive Facebook Group

What Our Athletes Say About Fast & Fit:

"Connecting with Elizabeth Inpyn has been one of the best things to happen to me, both as an athlete and personally. Her guidance with food and nutrition has been life-changing. Her recipes are unique yet tasty, and having the menus already planned out has allowed me to avoid the stress of not knowing what to cook and eat before, during and after training."

Angela S.
Angela S.

"Elizabeth is my go-to nutritionist for all of our health and fitness clients. She does virtual consultations and spends time getting to know each person before building a nutrition strategy. People truly love her... and so do we."

Lisa J
Lisa J

"I'm sooo excited to try the new #FastAndFit food plan with Elizabeth Inpyn.
Can't wait to fuel with confidence... No more guessing games!
I know, coming from TRE, that science and knowledge will be built into the plan.

Char H
Char H

"Elizabeth taught me what it meant to be healthy, to appreciate good food and treat myself every once in awhile. She diligently planned out my meals, the meals for my sons (single dad) and all of my training and racing fueling. I even hired her to get my company kitchen in order and bring in all healthy food. She's serious about my long term health but somehow I still get to eat Peanut M&M's every now then too."

Markus D
Markus D

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