TRE goes International!

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TRE goes International with our first trip abroad to beautiful Guayaquil and Salinas Ecuador. Thank you to our friends at Kallpa CrossFit for hosting us!

We taught running seminars , we lifted heavy things, we drank from fresh coconuts, we swam, we explored, we ate our weight in plantains, and yes we even managed to race!


That’s what it’s all about; enjoying the journey! Our goal here at TRE is to educate, entertain, and inspire you. Our in depth videos showcase leading advice on all things running, put together by running experts in awe-inspiring locations. With a sense of humor and a love for what we do, TRE is the best way to get that extra bit of running knowledge and ultimately that extra mile out of life in the process.


Our goal is to make you love running as much as we do. Or at the very least hate running a little bit less.

So want to keep running? Without pain and maybe a little further and faster? Join us and we’ll show you how.


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Nate, Craig, and Jason.