Your Burning Questions Answered: LIVE Q & A


You and your fellow TRE crew brought some pretty challenging questions to our LIVE Q & A last Friday. In fact, here are a few of the questions we got answered!


“Every time I run my lower back tightens up. Are there stretches for before and after that will help?  Is it my posture while running that’s causing this?” 


I am 62 years old and sometimes when I get to a mile and half my legs feel very heavy and my breathing gets labored, how can i overcome this?  Also, i compete in 5k races how do I get faster? Thanks” 

“Last time…the down hills caused muscle spasms in my lower back that I still have randomly now. What can I do to prevent the spasms and get properly trained? ” 


My arches have fallen in both feet. I do exercise with a golf ball and frozen water bottle…but still can’t get any ease. I bought special trainers from a sports shop with stability…but no luck. Any suggestions???” 


“Scenario:  when I train with my wife…I am forced to slow down (because I love her and want to help her stay focused and all that)…I am more tired, tight and sore after 4 miles at her pace…am I getting ANY benefit from this slow run…Also, am I risking injury, as based on the soreness and tightness I feel after running with her?” 


You see that a lot of us are concerned with similar things:


running faster….breathing easier….eliminating low back pain….avoiding foot and plantar fasciitis…finding the best running shoes…dealing with shin splints…running that FAST time…finding the BEST running program!


Now Craig and I created The Run Experience to solve these common problems!


Sometimes that solution comes in the form of a weekly email, blog post, or other such free content we regularly publish to communicate, educate, and inspire you about running, strength, and mobility work.


But we also know this:


Information alone will NOT save you. 


Which is why you are on our list on the first place. You’re looking for a little more help than just information…


You KNOW this stuff is important, but how do you take that next step to putting all this knowledge into ACTION?


Well…It all starts with one small step!

And many of you have taken that step with our Injury Prevention Series 


Immediately upgraded to The Run Fitness Formula

And still even more of you are jumping right into our flagship program, The 30 Day Challenge

For those who’ve made that commitment towards getting better, congratulations one more time. You are WELL on your way to leveling UP!

Interested in what these programs could do for you? 

Listen to our LIVE Q & A because not only do we answer your questions but we suggest (when appropriate) which of our programs would best solve your problems.

And IF one of our programs ISN’T a fit, we do NOT recommend one. 

As formerly (and still occasionally) frustrated, injured, and ambitious runners ourselves, we KNOW how you are feeling, what you want, and the guidance you need.

No gimmicks…no pills…no instant “solutions” (that somehow almost always fade away with a little time).

You’re on this list because you’re searching for a little truth. Just like us. 

And we’re here to provide it.