Your Run Experience- Crystal Hayes

crystalrunning Ever wonder what your fellow runners are thinking, eating, or listening too? Well we are too! So sit back, relax and enjoy some insight from your fellow runners! Crystal started running consistently in junior high and high school when she joined the cross country and track & field teams in her hometown of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. She had an outstanding coach and teammates that really helped fuel her passion for running, and she hasn’t stopped running since! Currently, she lives and runs in the beautiful city of San Francisco, where the combination of mild weather year-round and breathtaking scenery is hard to beat!

Let’s take a look at Crystal’s answers on our run questions:


Q: What is your first running memory?

A: Beating all the boys in a timed mile run in first grade! That was the first time I learned I was competitive when it came to running. These days it’s all about competing against myself to be faster and/or stronger than I was yesterday.

Q: What was the last run you did?

A: Tonight I ran about 6 miles on trails in the Presidio, over toward the Golden Gate Bridge, and then home to the Marina via Crissy Field.

Q: What is the hardest run you’ve ever done?

A: I would say the hardest runs I’ve had to do are a couple of particularly hilly and windy 20+ mile training runs in San Francisco. As any marathoner can tell you, with no crowd to cheer you on and only your thoughts to keep you occupied, your mental toughness, determination and will power are definitely put to the test during many of those grueling long runs.

Q: What is the BEST run experience you can remember?

A: By far the best running experience I’ve had to date was running my first Boston Marathon this year. It was an honor to run in the footsteps of the world’s greatest marathon runners (past and present), and alongside so many athletes who had overcome so much to cross that finish line. Not to mention, the crowd support was unlike anything I have ever experienced!

Q: When was the last time you lost a toenail?

 A: Thankfully it’s been about 8 years since I’ve lost any toenails! I had a pair of running shoes that was too tight and caused me to lose a couple of toenails back then, but I’ve been sure not to make that mistake again!

Thanks for sharing Crystal! Cheers to many more miles of running strong!