About Us


Founded The Run Experience with the goal of reaching a broader audience of runners and outdoor enthusiasts who want to be able to run and enjoy the outdoors and remain injury-free. He has helped athletes finish their first races, conquer new distances, overcome pre-existing injuries, set new PRs, reach the podium, and qualify for national and world level events. Nate Helming is based in San Francisco and in addition to coaching runners and triathletes of all levels, he trains Olympic level cyclists, professional triathletes, elite mountain bikers, and national-level ultra runners on strength and mobility. Nate has traveled around the world to speak about better strength training for endurance athletes, and regularly publishes videos and articles on how runners can do it better! You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter and visit him in person at San Francisco Crossfit for one of his classes or one-on-one sessions.

Certifications: USA Triathlon I, CPR/First Aide, Cross Fit I, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Endurance, Carl Paoli’s Free Style connections.


Has been a long time endurance athlete and  entrepreneur. He ran Division I Track and Field (specializing in the 3000m  Steeplechase) and Cross Country at Rice University in Houston. He has run most of the large US marathons, including 3 Boston marathons and completed his first Ironman triathlon in 10:51:51. He continues to train and stay active in San  Francisco, where he enjoys biking, running, lifting and playing the guitar.