Oh the places you’ll go…running!

stricklan interview

For Mike, running started as a form of adventure, freedom and challenge in his early teenage years. Running took a short back burner position while his interests turned to weighting lifting and motocross racing.

Running remained a constant form of exercise throughout his teen years, as he knew cardiovascular fitness was useful across any sport he dabbled in.

To this day running remains his way of seeking out adventure. Where ever he might travel he packs his running shoes, so he can explore new trails and experience the freedom and challenge of new places.

Mike’s athletic background, a strange one at that, is best described as an outdoor enthusiast turned motocross racer, competitive powerlifter, rugby player, triathlete and now a dedicated adventure, trail, ultra runner.


Let’s see how Mike answered our run questions:


Q: What is your favorite post run treat?

A: Favorite post run treat is coffee after early morning runs and a burger from Roam or Super Duper after evening runs.


Q: What was your last run?

A: Last run I did was a night run up Mount Tamalpais after a long day in the office.  Last race I did was The Rut 50k in beautiful Big Sky, Montana.


Q: What is your hardest run to date?

A: Hardest run I’ve ever done was the Bishop High Sierra 100k which became a 50 miler with a death march to the finish line.  Short story is running at elevation is tough for a sea level runner.


Q: What is your best experience you can remember?

A: Best run experience I can remember is running across Spain along the Camino de Santiago living our of a Salomon running pack covering 500 miles in 18 days averaging a marathon a day in all types of weather ranging from snow to rain to brutal winds and cold mountain ridges.  It was the adventure of a lifetime that helped to put into perspective what modern day transportation options offer in terms of accessibility and convenience.  Running a marathon to another town versus riding in an automobile is a very different experience and alters your entire day’s plan of what you could and could not achieve in the daylight hours available.


Q: What is your proudest run moment?

A: To day my proudest running moment was arriving in Santiago de Compostela, Spain at the end of my 500 mile running journey across the country.  It was a highly emotional moment of completing a running goal I had numerous doubts of completing along the way.


Thanks for sharing Mike! Cheers to many more miles of running strong


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