Conquer your marathon, run a new PR 
... Everything you need in a full 4-month Program. 

The Complete MARATHON Program

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You need more than harder workouts.. you need to change the way you move as a runner.

Build the strength, technique & know how to earn those miles. 

So we made a program that puts all the pieces together. Not just how far and how fast… but how to build your body to be able to handle the harder training. 

And now that we’ve trained THOUSANDS of runners just like you, so you can put your effort into the training, knowing it works.

Mileage is a privilege...

not a right!


Go through the program and if you don't improve your running, we'll refund you the entire purchase price.




No other training system gives you all the pieces you need for a personal best.

Online live help from our coaches + plus regular group coaching calls



It’s and all-in-one training system to get you stronger, more fluid in your stride and fitter than you’ve ever been before, with all the pieces coming together over an 16-week training cycle.

The Complete
Marathon Program

We incorporate all these elements into an comprehensive training program so you can just load up your training schedule and go.

We are sure you want to get faster and fitter like the thousands of athletes that have gone through our training already. Most people wouldn’t say no to that. But we’re not just handing over a bunch of videos and leaving you to fumble your way through the training. 

Mobility and Injury Prevention Work Daily

Finish Healthy AND Fast

Strength Days, with an 16-week progression and minimal equipment (no gym)

All The Pieces You Need To Run

Your Best Race Ever

Full Running Program, with video coaching and a new focus everyday

You won't just get to the starting line, you'll be an entirely different runner in a whole new body.

Unlike other running programs, we make it personal. We are here to help. We have forums and live coaching calls to answer your questions, and get personal advice on how to solve any issues that come up. 

We want to be your coaches FOR LIFE. We are invested in you long-term as a runner and we are committed to you getting results.

Our Commitment To Helping You

Here's What You Get With
The Marathon Program:

Running Technique Work

We don't just tell you to do 6 miles... we give you instruction so that at the end of your workout, you're a better runner. Not just a fitter one.


We don't stop at mileage. We give you specific workouts you can add to your current training, or complete on their own. Strength + Mobility + Technique

We have an online forum for all of our athletes, where you can post results, race times and get feedback on your training from our team of coaches.  Plus we hold regular live coaching calls for our athletes..

Regain Your Running Body

We were born to run. And regaining that range of motion is crucial to your running health and for speed! We teach you how to incorporate mobility into your training.

Running Form

Learn how to stabilize your core, mobilize your hips, and increase the range of motion in your ankles for better running form. Plus much, much more. 

A Progressive Approach to Strength

Videos to introduce you to the movements and a reference library to all the exercises.
We explain progressions and how all the strength pieces affect your running.

Community + Coaching Support

Here's a sample breakdown...

BUT... Unlike Your Typical Training Schedule...

  • We give you video Instruction everyday with simple and clear instructions on what to work on and what to expect.
  • Strength workouts built-in for endurance that will last
  • Mobility everyday (just a few minutes) to keep you healthy.

  • We have coaching support online so you can talk to other runners and our coaches and get your questions answered. 
  • We have regular coaching calls so we can interact with you live!

The Perfect Marathon Training Plan - Guaranteed Results

  • 4 Full Months - New Videos and training everyday
  • An Advanced Strength Program to Build Stability and Strength For Longer Distances
  • An Advanced Mobility Program to Get Back Your Natural Range of Motion
  • Techniques and Drills to Improve Running Even Under Fatigue
  • Hill Interval and Tempo Days To Build Strength and Stamina and your Ability to PR.
  • Crucial Long Runs To Build Your Endurance and Pacing.
  • A Fun Day to Cross Train, Run, Play, or Rest!
  • Daily Access to Coaches Online - Fully Coach Supported Program

  • Regular Live Coaching Calls With Special Guests so you can have your questions answered live

And Right Now, We're Giving These BONUSES away when you join....

Our Full Marathon Guide - 44 page e-book that describes everything you need to do that’s outside of your day-to-day training

Access to our Private Coaching Forum - Our VIP area where our coaches hangout and you can post your training questions, race results and connect with other runners

1 FREE month of access to our Weekly Running Tuneup. 

We give you 3 Workouts A Week that cover the basics of our training method. It's a great place to start training with us right away, in case you're not ready to start your Marathon program just yet.

Get Started...

We know that this program just flat works when you use it. 

It scales and works for runners on their first marathon and it works for runner who are running their 30th Marathon.  

Are you ready to knock your PR out of the park?

If you’re rather try your luck on those free training spreadsheets out there… we won’t stop you. We respect your decision to train hard and we want you to run the race of your life. 

But when you’re ready to train like a complete athlete and build your body and your stride along the way… join us!

There Are TWO Ways To Get
The Marathon Program


Annual Membership for just $299.99 for a FULL YEAR.
2 Months FREE!

  • Half-Marathon Plan ($200)
  • Marathon Plan ($350)

Check out ALL our programs,
plan your 2017 goals and meet our coaches!

What Programs are included in The Training Club?

Choose an annual or monthly plan

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The Training Club

Monthly Membership for just $29.99/month!
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  • Beginner Running Program ($95)
  • 30 Day Challenge ($150)
  • Run Fitness Formula ($50)

Our Insane Guarantee...

We know it's hard to decide on your training. That's why we've made it a simple, guaranteed decision for you. 

We offer a ONE YEAR guarantee if you purchase the program, or you can just get FREE access to The Training Club and check it out today risk-free. 

We don't just want you to join us for a week. We hope you let us become your coaches for a LONG TIME to come. 

And we guarantee you're happy with it.

If you're not happy, we're not happy. Just reach out and we'll connect and make sure you're on the right track.

  • Beginner Running Program ($95)
  • 30 Day Challenge ($150)
  • Run Fitness Formula ($50)

Join Today

The Training Club

Check out ALL our programs,
plan your 2017 goals and meet our coaches!

There Are TWO Ways To Get
The Marathon Program

Choose an annual or monthly plan

What Programs are included in The Training Club?

Monthly Membership for just $29.99/month!
Cancel anytime.

  • Half-Marathon Plan ($200)
  • Marathon Plan ($350)


Annual Membership for just $299.99 for a FULL YEAR.
2 Months FREE!

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