Your Run Experience – Chris Douglas

chrisrunningEver wonder what your fellow runners are thinking, eating, or listening too? Well we are too! So sit back, relax and enjoy some insight from your fellow runners! Meet Chris Douglas. Whether he is on two feet or two wheels, you can find him climbing the hills in and around San Francisco. He is also the founder and president of Presidio Sports Management. Chris works with endurance athletes, brands, teams, and race and event directors in all aspects of professional and racing life providing civil legal services, sports marketing solutions, and athlete management services. Let’s take a look at Chris’s answers on our run questions:

Q:What is your favorite post run treat?

A: A banana or an apple. If there happens to be a donut, well…

Q:What is the most motivational song on your playlist?

A: I have several but “Stronger” by Kanye is my current number 1.

Q:What is your first running memory?

A: Running away from my brother after pulling a prank.

Q:What was the last run you did?

A: My last run was tourist dodging on the Embarcadero on my way to running up the knee scraping steep hills on Portrero Hill!

Q: What is the hardest run you’ve ever done?

A: Hardest run had to have been Brazen Racing’s Rocky Ridge 1/2 Marathon in the Las Trampas Wilderness (3.5k of climbing in 13 miles!)

Q: What is the BEST run experience you can remember?

A: It’s a tie will all the times that I get to run with my friends.

Thanks for sharing Chris! Cheers to many more miles of running strong!

Photo Credit: Mike Desrosiers