Your Run Experience- Janet Simmons

janet running

Ever wonder what your fellow runners are thinking, eating, or listening too? Well we are too! So sit back, relax and enjoy some insight from your fellow runners! Janet is fairly new to running, but has been active all her life. She didn’t start training for any specific mileage until January 2014, where as a New Year’s Resolution, she challenged herself to run more 5K distances than her age. After a few months, a few finish lines, and a lot of feeling great, she got “hooked”. She completed her first half marathon in September 2014!

Let’s take a look at Janet’s answers to our run questions:

Q:What is your favorite post run treat?

A: What I enjoy most for a post run treat is Chocolate Ice Cream, but I have to earn it.

Q:What is the most motivational song on your playlist?

A: My best motivational song is “Neutron Dance” by the Pointer Sisters

Q: What is the hardest run you’ve ever done?

A: The hardest run was actually a 5k in the mountains that was more of a timed hike as this L.A. resident (Lower Alabama) took her time with 8000 ft elevation and thus lack of oxygen.

Q: What is the BEST run experience you can remember?

A: My best run was the Nashville Rock & Roll Half where I stopped at every band along the course and danced, not caring that much about my finish line time!

Thanks for sharing Janet, cheers to many more miles of running strong!