25 Best Running Blogs for Marathons, Trails, & Everything Else

Stay informed, inspired, and up-to-date in the world of running with the 25 best running blogs and websites you need to bookmark immediately.

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The best running blogs exist to connect the running community all across the world. We here at The Run Experience are first-hand witnesses to the positive power of community, so we’re sharing some of the best running blogs with you!

Running bloggers can artfully capture the highs and lows of the running experience. Their writing can help make you feel less alone while providing knowledge, comfort, and motivation. Runner’s World or another running magazine aren’t the only source for the endurance sport.

We’ve reviewed dozens of running blogs and have compiled our list of our top 25. We love their content, and hope they will bring some new ideas and inspiration to keep you moving and motivated!

What Makes a Good Running Blog?

A good running blog captures the interest of its readers by offering valuable content, practical advice, and personal insights into the world of running. There are hundreds of them out there (maybe even thousands), but a few stand out from the pack.

Here are the key elements that contribute to making a running blog stand out:

  • Engaging Content: Posts should be informative, entertaining, and relevant to the target audience, whether they're beginners or seasoned marathoners. Covering a variety of topics, from training tips and nutrition advice to gear reviews and race recaps, keeps readers coming back.
  • Personal Stories and Experiences: Sharing personal running journeys, challenges, and achievements adds authenticity and relatability. Readers often find inspiration and motivation in others' experiences.
  • Actionable Tips and Advice: Practical, actionable advice helps readers improve their running technique, training, and overall fitness. Whether it’s how to prepare for a first 5K or strategies for tackling ultra-marathons, readers value content that they can apply to their own running.
  • High-Quality Visuals: Photos, videos, and infographics can enhance the reading experience, making the blog more engaging and informative. Visuals of running routes, gear, exercises, and races add depth to the content.
  • Regular Updates: Consistency is key in blogging. Regularly updating the blog with new content keeps readers interested and engaged, encouraging them to return regularly.
  • Expert Interviews and Guest Posts: Featuring interviews with running coaches, nutritionists, elite runners, and other experts adds credibility and variety. Guest posts from other runners can offer new perspectives and insights.
  • Resourceful Guides and How-Tos: Comprehensive guides on specific topics, such as marathon training plans, injury prevention, or running shoe selection, provide valuable resources that readers can refer to again and again.
  • Inspirational Content: Highlighting inspirational stories, setting challenges, and celebrating achievements can motivate readers to set and pursue their own running goals.

Running Blog vs. Running Website: What's the Difference?

When distinguishing between a running blog and a running website, it's important to understand the nuances and primary functions of each platform. Both serve the running community but in slightly different ways:

Running Blog

  • Personal Touch: Blogs often reflect the individual personality and experiences of the blogger. They're frequently updated with new, informal, and conversational content that shares personal stories, training logs, race experiences, and reflections on running.
  • Engagement: Blogs typically encourage reader engagement. Comments, social media shares, and discussions are common, fostering a sense of community among readers and the blogger.
  • Niche Focus: Many running blogs focus on specific aspects of running, such as beginner tips, ultra-marathon running, running while parenting, or even running fashion. This focus helps attract a dedicated readership interested in that niche.
  • Flexibility: Blogs offer the flexibility to cover a wide range of topics in various formats, including posts, reviews, personal stories, and advice columns.

Running Website

  • Broad Scope: Running websites tend to offer a wide array of information and resources. They might include training plans, nutrition advice, gear reviews, event calendars, and forums. The content is more structured and informational, with a professional tone.
  • Resources and Tools: Websites often provide tools and resources such as pace calculators, training plan generators, and detailed product comparisons. These features are designed to offer practical help to runners of all levels.
  • Authority and Credibility: Running websites may be run by organizations, experienced coaches, or experts in the field. They often aim to establish authority and credibility, offering scientifically-backed advice and in-depth insights into running.
  • Community Features: While also focusing on community building, websites may offer forums, membership areas, or user profiles, allowing for interaction and discussion among members on a broader scale.

Key Differences

  • Content Creation: Blogs are generally more personal and subjective, providing the individual insights of the blogger. Websites offer a broader range of objective, research-based content.
  • Purpose: The main purpose of a blog is to share personal experiences and insights, engage with a community, and offer advice through a personal lens. A website serves as a comprehensive resource for information, tools, and community interaction.
  • Audience Interaction: While both blogs and websites encourage community engagement, blogs often have a more personal relationship with their audience through regular, informal updates and stories.

25 Best Running Blogs

1. Wandering in a Running World | Running History

Toni Reavis is a broadcast journalist who has had his finger on the pulse of running since the 1970’s! His insightful commentary on iconic races and noteworthy athletes in the sport are sure to draw you in. Reavis covers current events in the running community with a mix of factual reporting, interviews, and comprehensive analysis in a way that’s inviting and interesting all at once.

2. Running Shoes Guru | Running Shoe Blog

Running shoe on pavement

Running Shoes Guru is the ultimate site for discovering which running shoe is best for you. With reviews, buying guides, and even a shoe finder, this site provides you with all the information you need to plan, suit up, and go run! It doesn’t just stop there, though. There’s an entire Training section for posts on all things running – technique, mobility, strength, recovery, and more!

3. Badass Lady Gang | Women Running Blog

Ready to kick some ass? These ladies are. It’s time to put up or shut up. Kelly Roberts uses humor and selfies to discuss the many challenges of running in a light-hearted way. Her personal transformation from run hater to marathoner will keep you smiling. Each post lures the reader in with her casual, conversational tone and plenty of running tips. The blog is inclusive and inviting, drawing in readers from all over the globe to join her #SportsBraSquad.

4. The Ginger Runner | Beginner Runner Blog

Simply put: this is one of the most stunning running blogs I’ve ever seen. Ethan Newberry is another humorist out to inspire the masses to take on long-distance running. He not only is sharing his story, but also the story of many other accomplished runners. In high-quality, beautifully-produced videos, runners from all around the world share their running experiences, race stories, product reviews, and more.

5. Dr. Nick’s Running Blog | Science-Backed Running Blog

Who should you trust more for shoe recommendations than a runner and a podiatrist? Dr. Nick is both. In his posts, he breaks down research into short, digestible articles to help runners perform better, faster, and most importantly, safer. I love Dr. Nick’s blog, because it is reassuring to get factual information regarding which shoe type would be right for me from an actual doctor. It’s one of my favorite running blogs. Give the blog a read if you’re interested in learning more about injury prevention and which gear is right for you.

6. Lazy Girl Running | Female Running Blog

Laura Fountain, a UK-based running coach, is on a mission to get everyone to learn to enjoy running. As we all know, running is an activity that requires a level of mental toughness and diligence. Laura focuses on both the physical and mental components required to feel good during your runs. In addition, her race training plans will get you up-to-speed (literally) for your next run.

7. JoyFoodSunshine | Running Nutrition Blog

Doesn’t the name of this blog just give you inner peace? JoyFoodSunshine highlights different recipes for those that live an active lifestyle. For people on the run, Laura shares what she calls “recipes for real life.” These are healthy, modern dishes that the whole family will love.

8. Fannetastic Food | Food Blog for Runners

Bowl of healthy food

Be prepared to be hungry. Anne is a registered dietician, and her blog features healthy eating and recipes (including ones for vegan lovers too)! You’ll have the chance to dive into step-by-step healthy recipes to try while reviewing race recaps and exercise tips. Who better to keep you fueled for your next long run than a marathoner with tons of ideas for your kitchen?

9. Runtastic | Marathon-Training Blog

Runtastic is a blog powered by adidas that provides runners with everything they need to know to get started or level up their performance. The design of the blog is sleek and inviting with plenty of high-quality running action shots on the page. The blog features articles covering a wide-range of topics including runner spotlights, running in NYC, training tips, race reviews, motivation, running shoes and more.

10. A Trail Runner’s Blog | Trail Running Blog

Follow ultra runner Scott Dunlap down a trail and over the finish line with race reviews, ultrarunning community news and triathlon information. The blog’s interface may be lacking, but that’s because Scott is focused on the content. Take a look inside Scott’s mind as he covers everything trail running-related from cross-training to the science of running.

11. Hungry Runner Girl

Janae’s blog is like swapping stories with your best friend who lets you in on the big secrets of life. Like many of us reading this now, Janae has been running since she was 12 years old and has a lot to share. She invites you to join her running community to hear about her runs, family, passion for food and everything in between.

12. Run to the Finish | Runner Training Blog

Amanda Brooks has years of running experience — 22,000 miles run to be exact!  She brings together her research and trial and errors so you can benefit from her experience. She’s written over 2,000 articles covering nearly everything from running supplements to half marathons worth traveling to. Best of all, she writes each article with a witty blend of running advice and real-life stories!

13. Science of Running | Science-Backed Training Blog

Steve Magness teaches you about running at the elite level, and shows you what training olympians requires. This blog is a great resource for understanding why and how our bodies can withstand the toll of long-distance running. Steve shares scientific research paired with historical context to illuminate the reader. Both physical and mental techniques are highlighted in this informational blog.

14. Taking the Long Way Home | Motivational Running Blog

Woman running in forest

Blogger Wendy is running with Rheumatoid Arthritis and shares her personal experiences. She blogs about races and offers up a great selection of titles in her running book club. The blog template provides a strong contrast between the theme and the text making the blog enjoyable to read. In addition, Wendy’s personality shines through her writing, and you’ll quickly consider her an old friend after you get to know her.

15. Strength Running | Ultramarathon Blog

Feeling sore? This is where you go to get answers. Jason Fitzgerald highlights a scientific approach to running with the goal of decreasing your chances for injury in Strength Running. This blog features interviews with endurance sports scientists and a healthy dose of articles about motivation, injury prevention exercises and more.

16. Diary of a Rubbish Marathoner | Marathon Running Blog

Thomas is an Irish runner who provides down-to-earth advice and practical tips for running. The site has a personal touch which makes it feel almost like a diary with Thomas talking directly to you. Read through his race reviews and you will find yourself dreaming of vacation runs on the beautiful Emerald Isle!

17. Tom’s Next Step | Running Over 50 Blog

Tom Denniss is an adventure runner and charity fundraiser based in Australia.  His blog chronicles his travels — or I guess we should say runs — of the globe on foot. He once completed a run around the world, but still is humble enough to not consider himself a distance runner. Read about his original fundraising feat, and see what current good he’s trying to create in the world with every step.

18. Fine Fit Day | Fast Running Blog

Carly is a personal trainer and RRCA-certified running coach with a blog that includes guest posts from others in the know about running and nutrition. She also is a fitness instructor, spin instructor, and a fitness manager, so it’s very apparent that she knows how to motivate people. You’ll be empowered and ready to try something new after reading her posts.

19. Map My Run | Everything Running

You’ve likely heard of the sports-giant Under Armour, and many of you use their Map My Fitness app to track your adventures. But did you know they also have a blog on their website? It’s comprehensive and pretty much covers everything running-related that you could ever want to know. A variety of contributors will keep you coming back for the latest and greatest in running!

20. Trail Sisters | Women Runners Blog

View of a trail

Gina created Trail sisters, and their mission statement says it all: “Building a community of women, inspiring others to lead healthy lifestyles while adventuring outdoors and protecting earth’s playgrounds.” This site is extremely well-designed making it engaging and inviting before you even get to the content.  By focusing on women’s running and providing insightful gear reviews and trail running stories, this one is not to be missed.

21. The Runner Dad | Running With a Family

The Runner Dad is that word of encouragement out there reminding us to make fitness a priority in our priority. The Runner Dad provides an insightful look into balancing running while raising a family.  Taking on the idea that we are “too busy to be fit,” his advice will remind you to get out there and model the behavior we want our kids to learn.

22. Runner Click | Running Gear Review Blog

Runner Click is your source for running product reviews. These reviews are crowdsourced from the running community and complemented by long-form blog posts about everything ranging from how to stay engaged during a run and whether or not you should run on leg day. In addition, each post has a rating in the top corner, so you can see what other readers loved.

23. Preppy Runner | Mental Health and Running

Theodora is a New York writer who shares her experience in weight loss and maintenance along with her escapades in running. Her blog is focused heavily on mental health for runners — an important topic that we haven’t seen commonly discussed in other blogs. Her wit and truth make these articles a compelling read.

24. Ben Parkes | Marathon Training Blog

Learn from someone who has done it all before! Ben is a 2:25 marathon runner and outlines his race day routine in a variety of blog posts that will surely get you thinking. He shares his marathon training secrets for achieving that incredible feat in a way that makes you want to race through each paragraph. Enjoy all the running tips, race reports and running gear reviews you could want from one of the best.

25. Ali on the Run | Running Community Blog

Ali started her blog to share her experience training for her first marathon in 2011. Since then, she has grown a community of loyal readers (and runners) who relate to her stories, trials and tribulations. She has expanded the scope of the blog to include other fitness-related aspects of her life including her experiences with Soul Cycle and Orange Theory. If reading isn’t your thing, she has a podcast too, making her a great companion for your run.

What’s Your Favorite Running Blog?

Have a favorite running blog that we missed? Let us know on social media, and maybe (just maybe) we’ll update this post and get some other amazing authors featured.

Happy running!