3 Jumping Exercises to Improve Your Running

I see it. The pupils become little pinpricks as you contemplate that box jump. Your breath quickens as you approach, your arms pump back, you get ready to go, only…


“I’m supposed to do THAT? I cannot do that.”


[Insert more pacing and uncomfortable silence]


I’ve seen this game go down a hundred times. By the drama of it, you might think it was relating to…


…lifting 300 pounds…

…running a 5 minute mile

…or swimming with a wetsuit in January


But this fear is something different. It’s box jumping and that 12 inch box might as well be 12 feet!


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


You don’t think you can do it…but you can!


You just need to be shown where and how to start…


And that’s exactly what I do here in this video. I give you the keys to one of your most powerful, hidden talents…YOUR ability to jump.


As runners, we are born jumpers! We have (literally) springs on our feet which allows the human being to do some pretty darn amazing stuff (see ½ of all YouTube videos for crazy jumping feats of strength).


Yet most of us NEVER tap into this gear. We don’t dare to try and we justify it to ourselves by saying how “it’s…well…probably not that important anyways.”


But runners who don’t jump don’t develop their most powerful asset! Their ability to spring and explode upwards with their whole body. Hip extension is the one thing that virtually brings all athletes together, and it’s the ONE THING that I see most runners lack.


So go through these 3 different jumping progressions and get started right now! Add these exercises in 1-2 times per week and you’ll almost immediately notice…


…a more powerful stride….

…a stronger finishing kick…

…the ability to leap buildings in a single bound?…(just kidding)


You might not be superman, but you’ll certainly feel more like him the next time you tackle your next run.


So go ahead….don’t you wanna?


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