A Letter from The Run Experience: Everything We’re Doing to Help

Dear Runners (and yes, you who walked 1 lap around your block – you’re a RUNNER TOO),

Coach Holly here, checking in to let you know what the team here at The Run Experience is doing to keep you sane, healthy and injury-free through this unprecedented time.

Wherever you are in the world, we hope you’re doing the things that keep you healthiest always. Maintaining a stable mental and physical state for yourself is key. Be sure your bucket is full, as that’s the only way to make a real difference for others and the globe as a whole.

Here are some things we’re working on at the moment:

  • Filming relevant ‘at-home’ friendly video content that can be done in solitude
  • Filming said content separately, from home and without a crew
  • Publishing blog posts with our favorite at-home workouts and stretches, inclusive of young children and teens needing athletic direction
  • Helping runners of all levels navigate new training schedules in response to canceled or postponed races
  • Offering FREE premium workouts in our mobile app
  • Pumping tons of motivation and inspiration into our already amazing community
  • Putting the final touches on our Android version of the mobile app – to be released VERY soon (!)
  • Working with other companies and sponsored athletes in the fitness space to expand our library of workouts and increase the depth of our online community
  • Offering support as coaches and friends to anyone who needs us
  • Getting outside for our own running, keeping a safe social distance from those around us

While we continue to enhance our online training experience, please feel free to send all new runners to our mobile app so that they can access everything mentioned above, as easily as possible.

A lot of folks have picked up running as an alternative to their regular gym routine, and will likely need a little help from you in the beginning. But remember that we are here to help just as much as we’ve been here for you!

Stay strong, respect the rules and stay hopeful for a bright light at the end of this tunnel!


Coach Holly & The Run Experience Team