Are You Marathon Ready?

How many of you have wondered this question? You see your friends sign up for the BIG DANCE and they encourage you to do the same.

Or you see another friend’s tired but satisfied smile post race, that marathon medal hanging proudly around their neck.

You want in!

But how do you know if YOU are ready?

Do you have what it takes to handle all the grueling miles, the blisters, the (ahem) chafing….?

I get this question a lot and I certainly have strong opinions on the matter.

In fact, I just had this very conversation last week out at Reebok Headquarters. It was so good in fact, we decided to film my conversation with runner, strength coach, gym owner, and TV personality Kenny Santucci. Not only is Kenny an excellent coach and motivator in the gym, but an active runner and motivator in the endurance world.

Now just like me, Kenny’s been through a lot. He’s raced everything from 5km to marathon to Ironman and he’s dealt with his fair share of failures and successes along the way. Even now he’s training for both the NYC Triathlon and the NYC Marathon this summer and fall.

Suffice to say Kenny knows what it’s like to deal with injuries and what it takes to prepare for a marathon, and together we came up with three tips to test your marathon readiness.

Rather than going after pre-requisites for running mileage or races, we discuss the mental and physical challenges involved in training for a marathon and the key strategies you need to keep yourself happy, healthy, and running consistent from training day number one to that post-marathon cheese burger and chocolate shake.

Now the bulk of running injuries almost always occurs when you start pushing your limits, usually in the form of longer running races like marathons. The mileage increases every week, the tempo and track work heats up, all the while you get more stiff and more sore and less able to take care of yourself.

And BAM…injury strikes.

In this discussion, we talk about your ability to deal with potential problems, your athletic practice outside of running, and your technique and awareness as a runner.

You need to have a robust support system, you need to incorporate other forms of movement into your training, and you need to have a pretty solid technique foundation to get through a marathon program unscathed.

If any of these pieces are missing, it’ll significantly impair your ability to deal with the suffering, the abuse, and the inevitable aches and pains that come with the territory. That’s right. That marathon will chew you up and spit you out faster than you can say energy gel.

So watch this video, follow our three tips to marathon readiness, and don’t be another marathon victim!

Want to learn more about Kenny Santucci and his #teambeautiful project? Follow him here on Twitter and IG (@kennysantucci) and check him out online: Kenny Santucci/


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