For, Uncommon Core Workouts for Runners: The V-Up

For, Uncommon Core Workouts for Runners: The V-Up

This gymnastics move will help build a stronger core, which will lead to better running form.

Summer is all about fun in the sun and running strong. As runners, we are always trying to improve our technique to run stronger, smoother and with less injury. The V-Up is a great exercise to do just that. Derived from gymnastics, this exercise provides the perfect way to stabilize the spine and improve motor control on your next run.

Why should runners have a strong core?

For one, you can’t go wrong with tight abs. But more importantly, a strong core allows for the proper stabilization of the spine. This is important because your spine is home to the central nervous system, which essentially regulates how the rest of your body moves. Remember, there are pushing and pulling forces at work when we run. We push off the ground and pull the leg up to complete the motion of a stride. Runners often break down on the pulling aspect of the run. Therefore, a strong core and a stable spine are needed to run properly and move your legs and arms efficiently. A strong core equals optimal motor control.

The V-up will help you maximize your efforts while out on a run.

Key Points To Remember

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  • While in the hollow body position, keep the lower back pressed in the ground
  • When performing the V-up, keep your legs straight, toes pointed and butt tight
  • The focus should be on the controlled falling of the legs and arms, which will translate to a more controlled pulling force on your next run

Try 3-5 reps at first for quality and move up to 5-10 for more of a challenge!

This is the first installment in The Run Experience series for Competitor Magazine: Uncommon Core Workouts For Runners. Look for more in the following weeks!

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