For Competitor, Uncommon Core Workouts for Runners: The Weighted Pushup!

As unexpected as it may sound, a weighted pushup can do great things for all runners.

New runners, experienced runners, sprinters and marathoners: It’s time to do more pushups.

Adding weight, as we know, has many benefits. Hormonal balance (heavy weights naturally release testosterone and Human Growth Hormone) for quicker recovery, core strength and increased stability are just a few ways heavy lifting can benefit a runner. But why specifically the pushup?

This exercise is simply a regular, properly performed pushup with added weight on your lower back. This weight can be a bumper plate, dumbbell, heavy textbook, or even your baby daughter who wants a ride. The added plate will exaggerate the butt-squeezed, belly-tight, core strength and stability we need during a run, while also emphasizing proper shoulder positioning.

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Some key things to remember:

— Keep your feet together
— Maintain a tight belly and butt
— Your knuckles should be right under your shoulders
— Fingers spread wide
— Your chest and hips should touch the ground at the same time with each pushup

Let’s add some weight!

Start with 10 pounds and build up. Low reps is OK for this kind of exercise because we are above body weight. Shoot for sets of of 1, 2 or up to 5 reps.

Push your limits, and try some weighted pushups before your next run. It will activate your core and prime your shoulders all while keeping you safe.

This is the fourth installment in The Run Experience series: Uncommon Core Workouts For Runners. Look for more in the following weeks!


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