Get Strong: One Simple Workout That Will Change The Game!

Get Strong: One Simple Workout That Will Change The Game!

Just a friendly little warning….

You might actually improve if you do this exercise. So obviously this video may not be right for you.

If you’re shaking an emoji fist at me right now, let me tell you, most runners are AFRAID of success.

I mean…WHAT IF:

— you actually got stronger and ran injury free?

–you worked hard and accomplished your race goal?

–you started to run further and faster than you have in the past?

Well, people would look at you differently. Other runners might look to you for advice and support. You’d have to set even higher standards for yourself and continue working hard to achieve them. And of course you’d have less to complain about.

Better to just set a low bar and cruise under everyone’s radar. Sure you don’t turn any heads but you don’t disappoint anyone either. You don’t have all those pesky runners coming to you for help, support, and advice. And you can complain all you want.


For those who DO want to try something different, who do want to bust through to the next level, you know that action and experimentation are your best friend.

That you don’t just READ things…you actually TRY them to improve.

So our challenge?

Get a pair of dumbbells, watch this video, and add this strength workout into your workout this week.

For an easy-to-follow yet superbly challenging dumbbell set:

–Renegade Row Pushups (featured in above video)

–Dumb Bell Thrusters (front squat into shoulder press)

Follow this ascending ladder of reps:

2-4-6-8-10-12 reps of each movement.

This means perform 2 renegade row pushups, then 2 thrusters, then 4 renegade row pushups, 4 thrusters, then 6 of each, etc all the way till 12 reps of each. In between each set rest 30-60”. Or add a 200m of running in between sets to make this more of an aerobic challenge.

Want to take the challenge but don’t have access to any weights? Perform shoulder touch pushups and jumping squats for an effective “no dumbbell” substitute.

Either way, try this at least once. Then again. Then again. In fact, we dare you to do this and not see any improvements whatsoever.

Why go UP in reps?

The early reps allow you to set the tone with a really high movement standard. As the reps increase and as you fatigue, you push your mental and physical ability to hold on to that good technique, and you learn how and when to take short breaks as needed to maintain a correct running form.

That’s right. You have to stay mentally in it as you suffer. If you get this right and practice this often, can you imagine how much easier it will be the next time you challenge yourself in a race or long run?

But again, this workout might not be right for you. It just might get you to that next level of performance and of course with all the scary stuff that comes with success. Now you can’t say we didn’t warn you 😉

Always Pushing,

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