As runners, there seems to be a lot to think about to achieve that perfect form. But think again! Or should we say, think less!


You may be wondering:

“Don’t I have to concentrate on how my foot lands?

“Shouldn’t I always be thinking about avoiding a heel strike while I run?”

“Don’t I need to be thinking about all run form cues in order to run my best?”

These are all valid thoughts, but wouldn’t you agree that focusing less on every motion and muscle of the body is far easier to do than mentally straining yourself each time you take a step? And remember, our goal is to make running something you look forward to in the morning, maybe even as an opportunity to clear your mind.


So what should you think about while running? The answer: Posture


When you run with correct posture, you run tall, with your body aligned and balanced. This helps you relax while you run and helps all other parts of your run fall into place. A tight belly and aligned posture will allow your legs to produce more efficient power.  Think about posture and the rest will naturally follow.


Posture starts with the hips; the fulcrum to our legs. Instead of thinking about being rigid and tall while running just think about shifting your hips forward. Imagine a rope is tied around your hips and is pulling you along the road.


But we lose our posture. When we get tired we tend to round our backs and shoulders which can collapse the lungs and make it harder to breathe. We also tend to arch our backs which can cause back pain and further breakdown in our running form.


Check out this video for an easy way to clear your head while out on the roads, and achieve that light, efficient stride while running tall, smooth and fast!


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  • Vignesh S Kannan

    i have a doubt!

    should i concentrate on keeping my belly tight when i’m running?
    i am asking this,because,in the video,you didn’t mention anything about this.

    yet in the webpage above…it says
    “A tight belly and aligned posture will allow your legs to produce more efficient power.”

    And i don’t understand how the butt squeeze test is useful?

    you say,the butt squeeze brings the pelvis to the right position.So,does this mean that i have to run with my butts squeezed? Because the pelvis has to be in the right position when i’m running?

    Lastly,your tip in the “How to run faster” video was superb.Bringing my hip forward and concentrating on my cadence increased my speed.
    But to continuously run in moderate speed? what should i do with my hips?
    if i bring my hips to the front like u said in “how to run faster” video, i am helplessly running fast.
    so,should i squeeze my butt instead and let it dictate how much my hips should come front?
    SO,like i asked before,should i squeeze butt while im running if i m aiming for moderate speed?
    and what should my cadence be for this?

    Please help me with these doubts..its really confusing!
    Thank you

    • Vignesh S Kannan

      btw..thanks for your “how to run faster” video,my shin pain is gone.i stopped focusing on my foot strike and concentrated on my hips being front.
      Thank you very very much for that.

      • Nate Helming

        Thank you for watching. Always glad that we can help 🙂

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