How Often Should You Foam Roll?

I get this question all the time… 


In fact, I just got it again last week from one of our 30 Day Challenge athletes.


“How do I know if I’m doing too much foam rolling? Or not enough? What’s the “RIGHT” amount?” 


Rather than write something out, I decided to film a little video.  (I do this a lot for athletes in our programs!) So in this impromptu VIDEO, I address:


–what happens to your muscles when you foam roll

–signs of OVER rolling (yes you CAN do too much!)

–specific guidelines for doing the “right” amount. 


Foam rolling is such a great topic because it’s the gateway drug to self-care and maintenance.


What??? The term “self-care” doesn’t exactly blow your hair back?


How about the ability to: 


Train as MUCH as you want…

Run as FAR as you want…

Race as FAST as you want…


The cornerstone to all of these things is consistent training. And the key to consistency is minimizing and eliminating ALL potential running injury!
Seeing how 80% of you will experience some kind of injury or setback this year, I know we all can do a better job here.


So check this video out to see if you’ve been foam rolling “right” or if you could (most likely) use a few tweaks and adjustments to your self-care strategy!


Run Strong,



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