How To Build The Perfect Meal In 4 Steps!

how to build the perfect meal

As runners (with real, busy lives) it’s super important to know how to build the perfect meal! Check out Coach Elizabeth’s four easy steps! Seriously, this guide could change your life.

How To Build The Perfect Meal: What Is The Perfect Meal?

Nutrition guide for runners

First of all, you’re going to need a good balance of proteins, carbs and fats.

And most simply put, the mixing and matching of these ingredients, flavor profiles, and cooking methods will create a perfect meal every time.

Here Are The Rules:

  • Eat fresh, minimally-processed food as often as possible.
  • Include a balance of protein, veggies, smart carbs and healthy fats.
  • Adjust portions to meet health and body composition goals.

How To Build The Perfect Meal: 4 Easy Steps

The perfect healthy meal

Let’s break this down.

Step 1:

Choose one of each: a protein, vegetable, healthy fat & nutritious carbohydrate.

Step 2:

Portion your ingredients.

Here are some general guidelines that help me:

Your protein should equate to the size of 1-2 of your palms.

Your vegetables should equate to the size of 2-3 of your fists.

Your fats should equate to the size of 2-4 thumbs or 2-4 tbsp.

Your carbohydrates should equate to the size of 1-2 cupped hands.


We are by no means your personal nutritionist. Portions can and should absolutely be adjusted based on how frequently you eat, your body size and composition, activity level, appetite and satiety.

Step 3:

Perfect nutrition meal for runners

Season to taste!

Herbs & spices have loads of nutritional benefits.

If you’re feeling like Mexican food go with cilantro, cumin, chili and lime.

If you’re feeling like Moroccan food use cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, and preserved lemon.

For a Japanese vibe use miso, seaweed, ginger and yuzu.

Step 4:

how to build the perfect meal


For your protein and veggies, you’ve got a few options:

  • Lightly sauté in avocado or coconut oil
  • Roast
  • Grill (not everyday!)
  • Blanche
  • Steam

For your carbs:

Preparation will depend on what you’ve selected and should be fairly self-explanatory.

Once everything has been seasoned and prepped,  combine your protein, vegetables, fats and carbs together as a large salad or “bowl”.


How easy was that??

Lucky for you, there’s plenty more where that came from…see for yourself!