10 Best Inspiring Runners on Instagram You Need to Follow (Now)

The running community is very active on Instagram. It’s a great place to find running influencers, inspiring runners, ultra-running memes, and everything in between. It’s the perfect spot for:

  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Training advice
  • New routes
  • Race beta
  • Running stories
  • And more

Inspiring Runners You Need to Follow on Instagram

Whether you’re a trail runner, ultra runner, or even an Olympic medalist—there are plenty of top-tier Instagram accounts for runners to follow. Following runners on Instagram can complement your training regimen. Their content can help you learn about running shoes, discover running tips, improve your mental health, and get motivated.

You can find new accounts to follow simply by searching running hashtags or trail running hashtags or browsing related accounts on Instagram’s Explore page. However, we’ve already completed the research for you and assembled a list of our 10 favorite Instarunners to follow on the platform.

Once you get on Instagram, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with running influencer accounts. Here are some of our favorites to get us in the zone before we take on our next run.

1. Dorothy Beale – @mileposts

Dorothy Beale is a runner and body positive activist who has run 46 marathons. To say she’s done a lot would be an understatement. Her success doesn’t stop with just her running accolades. She also created the I RUN THIS BODY® movement and has led the conversation about being comfortable in your own skin. 

Dorothy is a great follow for those looking for someone who shares a mix of running content that is both aspirational and personal. Her Instagram is composed of nearly everything any runner would want: tips on how to get back into running, motivational quotes, anecdotes about her personal journey and photos from her runs all around the world.

2. Usain Bolt – @usainbolt

Usain Bolt likely doesn’t need an introduction, but his Instagram account will give you a different look at one of the fastest runners in the world. Bolt holds the world record for the fastest 100 meter dash (an astonishing 9.58 seconds) and is also an eight-time Olympic gold medalist.

Bolt’s Instagram mixes present-day content with clips from his career. You’ll learn about his family, the causes he supports and ultimately get inspired when you see him commemorate his Olympic successes. If that doesn’t motivate you to get out and go run, I’m not sure what will.

3. Gary Robbins – @garyrobbins

Gary Robbins calls himself an “Outdoor Enthusiast,” but soon you’ll be calling yourself a “Gary Robbins” enthusiast. Once you see the photos he publishes on his account, you’ll be hooked. 

Gary runs through mountains and captures some of the most scenic photos of beautiful running landscapes. You’ll spot him running to Macdonald Peak or doing a 105 mile run in a mountain range in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Either way, the content he posts is simply breathtaking—a constant reminder to stop and take stock of the beauty around you when you run.

4. Things Just Runner – @thingsjustrunner

Perhaps you’re looking for just a dash of motivation and not much else. Believe it or not, there’s an account just for that. The @ThingsJustRunner channel is right for you and will give you the nudge you need to go out and check off your standard 3-miler.

This account focuses on motivational running quotes that are overlaid on basic backgrounds that don’t distract from the core message. This helps put the focus simply on the quotes, while still making the content engaging and enticing to read. Once you see the quote, you’ll stop scrolling and want to know what today’s message says.

5. Allie Kieffer – @kiefferallie

Allie Kieffer synthesizes everything she knows about running and shares it on her social channels. Kieffer designs and promotes her own personalized training plans that she endorses and has used before. 

Allie is extremely authentic and doesn’t pack her social media posts with cliches or fluff. Instead, she shares her candid thoughts and reactions to the workouts she does. For example, during the coronavirus pandemic, she offered commentary on how running helps her feel in control. “It seems kind of silly to be so focused on running during a time like this, but it also feels comforting, like the only controllable factor,” she said.

6. Running Goals – @runninggoals

Running Goals is a phenomenal account to follow if you’re just looking for that little push to get you out the door. Like other motivational accounts, Running Goals publishes daily running quotes that are enticing to read and engaging to think about before, during or after your run.

What sets Running Goals apart from other quote-based accounts is the fact that they publish running memes, too. This breaks up the content so it is not oversaturated with quotes. The viewer will enjoy a mix of the varied content and will always be presented with something new.

7. Andrea Casella Kooiman – @runcoachkrun

Not everyone has a running coach, but that’s where Andrea Casella Kooiman or “Coach K” comes into play. Her account is part motivational and part aspirational, taking viewers along with her on her scenic runs to the top of Cucamonga Peak and Mount Langley.

Andrea is the running coach you didn’t know you needed. As a wife, mother, coach, and ultra runner, Andrea provides amazing footage of her runs paired with a reflection and motivational guidance for your next adventure.

8. Dina Asher Smith – @dinaashersmith

Dina Asher Smith is the fastest British woman in history. How’s that for an accolade? She holds British records in the 100 meter, 200 meter, and 4×100 meter. In addition, she was the fastest teenager ever in the 60 meter and the 200 meter.

While most of the accounts we’ve featured here focus on trail running or ultra running, Dina’s account provides a behind-the-scenes look at her training on the track. This is a nice change of pace from long-distance runners. With Dina’s account, you can get inspired to start your speed and interval training while never looking back.

9. Janae Baron – @hungryrunnergirl

Janae has been a runner for nearly all her life ever since she grew up running the same 3-mile loop every few days with her sister. Since then, she’s run 10+ marathons and has experienced everything that comes with the thrill of running—personal records, amazing races, injuries…you name it. 

Janae’s Instagram account is personal, detailing her experiences with running and unique family moments. She is truly a running influencer, and you can look at her featured stories section to see her recommendations for running shoes, clothes, accessories and more. Once you follow her on Instagram, you’ll feel like she’s an old friend.

10. Shalane Flanagan – @shalaneflanagan

Shalane Flanagan is an Olympian and winner of the New York City Marathon. She is a Nike Coach who became universally known after her iconic race in November 2017. Her finishing time in New York was 2:26:53.

Shalane is an elite athlete who is the source for all things running. She highlights upcoming races, shares her runs and publishes photos of her family, running gear, food and friends. She believes in the power of food to heal and even engaged fans with a recipe contest.  

Running Together on Instagram

If you haven’t started following runners on Instagram, it’s time to do it. Adding new sources of motivation can help you get over obstacles and improve your training schedule. In addition, it can help your physical and mental health along your running journey.

By following these accounts, you’ll get the motivation you need while joining a virtual community of runners, supporters, and coaches that will encourage you with positivity along the way.