Our #1 Secret to Running Success



Sorry folks. Today we won’t be selling you on the latest and greatest shoe insert, GPS watch, or calf compression sleeves. Neither will we be offering you our “revolutionary” run performance supplement, shoelace tying secrets, or hidden-training-secrets-from-the-pro’s DVD.


Nope. No siree. In fact, what we’re offering–for those of you who really want to make a change–is something MUCH more powerful. But before we get to that first we need to talk about why YOU are here in the first place.


Let’s be honest. You’re here because you’re stuck, and you’re looking for a solution:


  • You’re dealing with some kind of injury that won’t heal
  • You have an upcoming race you’re worried about
  • You’re trying to beat your latest time, but you just don’t know how to do it


Depending on how long that problem’s been around, you’ll look to anything that promises some kind of…well…promise.


But here’s the thing: gear, gimmicks, pills, straps, bands, wraps, tape, and promises will FAIL you every time, because they rarely if ever address the REAL reason why you’re either injured or not performing at the level you want. 


“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein.


Leave it to Einstein to say simple, yet profound things that apply to every aspect of life, including solving your latest running injury or running plateau.


Unless of course, you’re ready to “change your consciousness” as Mr. Einstein says, expect only wasted time, wasted money, and short term (at best) reprieves followed by more backsliding, more frustration, and more time not doing what you love to do.


BUT! It doesn’t have to be this way. So without further ado…


Our #1 running success secret is this…are you ready?


Own your SH*$. Do the work first, learn as much as you can, and HUSTLE EVERY DAY. Then and only then do you buy the gear and technology that supports your learning and your efforts. After all, only YOU are responsible for YOU.


I’m writing this because recently I’ve gotten a few emails from disempowered runners looking for the “one secret” that will solve all their problems. Well, that solution exists, but it’s not in the form you’re thinking. As a former frustrated runner turned running and strength coach, I found that the runners who experience the MOST success do the following things:


  • Learn from EVERYONE. Take in new knowledge like a sponge.
  • Train like a HUMAN first, then a RUNNER 2nd.
  • Listen to their own intuition before following anyone or anything else.
  • Stay focused, patient, and consistent. Every day, especially when it’s not convenient to do so.
  • They take charge of and solve their own problems.


That’s right. The best most successful runners I know, coach themselves, make their own decisions and solve their own problems. Trust me: they still have coaches, they have training plans, training partners, and they use various gear along the way. But at the end of the day, that outside support structure only supports their own internal problem-solving.


If you’re really interested in taking charge of your running, your injuries, and your performance then check out The 30 Day Running Challenge that we created to GUIDE you in this process.


Yes I want to learn more about The 30 Day Running Challenge!


36251_mockups_092716The 30 Day Challenge captures our entire philosophy and approach towards running fast, running healthy, and running as far as you want for as many years as you want in a 30 day program.

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Fair warning: we want MOTIVATED runners only!


Run Strong,