Our 3 Most Surprising 5K Training Tips

Running a 5K is no joke! Whether you’re preparing for your first distance running event, or gearing up to achieve and maintain your FASTEST race pace ever…here are our 3 favorite 5K Training Tips!

5K Training Tip #1: Get Those Miles In!

5k running tips

You cannot achieve success on race day without simply logging the miles in preparation!

Even though the race will be a distance of 3.1 miles, many of your training runs should fall somewhere between 3 and 5 miles.

Being able to maintain good form for a longer distance will make your efficiency and stamina for the shorter race distance that much better.

Here’s a couple tricks you can use to reset your posture mid-run:

running tips for 5k

1) Every 5-10 minutes: Shake out your arms and legs. After a few moments, reset those shoulders and that arm swing and continue on!

2) Every 5-10 minutes: Stop and do 8-10 squats. After completing, reset the hips and settle into your newly re-energized stride!

3) You can alternate between these two movements until the run is over.

5K Training Tip #2: Practice Running Fast!

preparing for a 5k run

The 5K race is often used as a vehicle for improving speed at other distances. For someone running a 10K or Half Marathon down the road, perhaps the most valuable of our 5K training tips is to work regularly on improving your speed!

And remember, your speed is only as good as your ability to maintain it during the race.

Here’s a workout you can incorporate once a week:

1) Find a “runnable” hill (5-8% gradient). It should not be so steep that you have to hike to get up it.

2) Run up the hill with a hard effort (it should feel similar to a sprint) for 45-60 seconds.

3) Recover by walking or jogging down the hill before repeating.

4) Repeat for 5 rounds.

5) The goal is to be able to complete up to 10 rounds after a couple months of training.

And here are a few additional 5K Training Tips to use to make those hill sprints less painful:

5k training tips

1) Keep your eyes up! Don’t focus on the ground.

2) Keep your hips driving forward as you run INTO the hill!

3) Make a conscious effort to maintain your arm swing! Like putting more gas into the car, the arm swing can serve as extra fuel to get you up that hill!

5K Training Tip #3: Learn To Run With Less Effort

5k race day tips

The 5K distance is a perfect blend of demanding both distance and speed equally.

To find success in the 5K you must learn to expend less energy. You can do this by accessing more power  in each step as well as improving the mechanics of your footwork and upper body posture as you run.

To fine-tune this, try adding in 1-2 running drills before 1-2 runs per week.

Here are two of our favorites:

1) The High Skip

5K Training Tips High Skip

The high skip teaches you how to drive the most power out of your foot, each time it comes off the ground.

Exaggerating the driving of the knee to the chest will help you find a more efficient pulling position in your stride.

The explosiveness of this movement will make your distance running more economical around miles 2 and 3.

Complete 2-3 rounds of high skips for 10-30 meters before heading out on your run.

2) Carioca

5K Training Tips Carioca

The carioca movement encourages opening of the hips for more powerful arm swing as well as quicker footwork for improved cadence control.

Quicker cadence allows you to run faster for longer.

Complete 2-3 rounds of carioca for 10-30 meters before 1-2 runs each week. 

These 5K training tips will make a world of difference in your race day running. Use them to improve your ability to hold onto that speed from start to finish!

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