Running Inspiration & Motivation—The 10 Best Online Groups

Running Inspiration & Motivation—The 10 Best Online Groups

Even the most dedicated runners struggle to find running motivation. No matter how many running quotes or Runner’s World articles about motivation you read, you might still lack running inspiration. I wouldn’t be surprised if the content you consumed fell short and didn’t encourage you to immediately lace up your running shoes and hit the trails.

It can be tough to find sources of motivation that actually work. That’s why you shouldn’t look for more engaging, inspirational content. Instead, you should seek digital groups of people that can motivate you and hold you accountable.

Running Inspiration from Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are an excellent way to tap into local, national and global running communities that connect runners of all skill levels. Some groups provide content about running in general, while others get more specific on different aspects of running such as marathon training, trail running, triathlons, weight loss (and when to have that chocolate cake), warm ups, self-doubt and more.

All groups have a healthy dose of motivational running quotes paired with running tips from badass runners who are looking to help other runners out.

After conducting thorough research about what’s available, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular running groups on Facebook for you to join. Browse through our favorite running inspiration groups below and see which one is the right fit for you.

1. Beginner Runners Support Group

Just starting off? You might need some encouragement from those who are at the same skill level as you. Overcome challenges of the early days of your running hobby or career with the Beginner Runners Support Group. Topics discussed in the group include exercise, recovery and nutrition. Members are encouraged to share their own personal stories in their quest to become better runners.

Instructions to Join: No application or approval process is needed.

2. The Running Community

The Running Community welcomes runners of all skill levels to share experiences, tips and stories from your run. The topics covered in the group are broad, providing an eclectic mix of content for someone who is just getting into running or has run their entire life. If you’re a runner who wants to connect with other runners, this group is for you.

Instructions to Join: No application or approval process is needed.

3. The Run Experience Community

Of course, our very own Run Experience Community on Facebook and in our app is ripe with users sharing running tips, training plans and stories that will inspire you to continue forward on your running journey. The Community features in the app allow you to engage with coaches and other runners, while joining discussions and getting your running questions answered.

Instructions to Join: Fill out our runner evaluation form, so we can tailor the experience to your running goals and download the app here.

4. Running and Race Training Group

If you’re a more competitive runner, the Running and Race Training Group is a great fit for you. This group is sponsored by Run Page and brings together competitive runners of all speed and distance levels to discuss race strategies, share race photos and engage with each other.

Over 30,000 runners from all around the world participate in ongoing discussions about workouts and training schedules to ensure they’re improving every day and consistently working to get stronger, faster and better overall.

Instructions to Join: No application or approval process is needed.

5. Run Like a Girl Global Running Community

Channel your fellow female runners by joining the Run Like a Girl Global Running Community! This is a women-only group that connects female runners of all skill levels. Popular topics discussed in the group include noteworthy articles, upcoming events and new product showcases.

The group boasts over 46,500 members—all working to better themselves and support each other in a virtual running club and community.

Instructions to Join: No application or approval process is needed.

6. Running Motivation Group

Get a healthy dose of inspirational running quotes from the Running Motivation Group. This group is solely focused on lighting a fire underneath you to get you moving. Members of the group frequently post pictures, memes and videos designed to encourage you to run.

Whether you’re a marathoner, long-distance runner or just starting out, everyone could use a sampling of fitness motivation. The right motivational quote may inspire you to take on the streets of New York, Boston or another new neighborhood today.

Instructions to Join: Your request to join the group must be approved. To expedite your request, you’ll need to answer these questions:

  • Do you understand this is not a group to post events/distances?
  • Do you understand no posts involving costs or fees and no advertising businesses/selling services is allowed?
  • Do you acknowledge this group is about running motivation?

7. Runners Helping Runners

Runners Helping Runners is a group that recognizes that our non-running friends don’t always appreciate us rambling on and on about every running topic. The group is open to runners of all skill levels and encourages the sharing of photos and videos to foster community.

Over 16,000 people from around the world have joined the group to offer guidance and encouragement to fellow runners. If you want to discuss niche running topics and training plans with other runners, this is a great group to join.

Instructions to Join: No application or approval process is needed.

8. Women’s Runner Community

The Women’s Runner Community is all about support and empowerment for fellow female runners. According to the group’s bio, the community is great for women who are planning to “take the next steps to a more active life.” Like many groups, it’s open to all skill levels. However, I think it is especially valuable for beginning runners.

Instructions to Join: No application or approval process is needed.

9. Run Motivators Virtual Events and Progress Group

Don’t just rely on motivational quotes for inspiration. Run Motivators hosts virtual events and challenges for runners at all skill levels. With new challenges that people all around the country are participating in, you’ll feel a part of something greater. In addition, you might feel more accountable and motivated to complete your workout and master the virtual event!

Over 10,000 runners participate in this group and perform the challenges.

Instructions to Join: Your request to join the group must be approved. To expedite your request, you’ll need to answer these questions:

  • Spam, solicitation, or selling of any kind is prohibited. Violators to this policy will be removed immediately without warning. Do you agree to this rule?
  • This group is for Run Motivators events only. We do not permit sharing links to any other races in this group. Please type YES that you agree to these terms.

10. Still I Run

Still I Run is a niche running group that focuses on people who run to improve their mental health. Running is a great way for people to improve their outlook on life and relieve stress. This group unites members who see the act of running as an integral component in resetting their minds and enhancing their overall health. Overall, the group helps runners balance the good days with the bad days.

The group has over 3,000 “road-warriors” that frequently share tips and words of encouragement with each other. The group is welcoming and a great complement to your run.

Instructions to Join: No application or approval process is needed.

*11. Fan Pages of Notable Runners

We’ve focused a lot on Facebook Groups, but there is also plenty of motivation to be sourced from the fan pages of notable runners. Dean Karnazes, Kara Goucher, and Bart Yasso are just a few runners that curate motivational content on their own Facebook feeds. This content ranges from personal anecdotes to motivational videos that will make you want to get going.

By clicking the follow button on each of these pages, you’ll add some of their inspirational wisdom into your life and be set for your next run or even ultramarathon.

Your Digital Community is Waiting

There you have it: ten great communities that are waiting to welcome you! While many runners love running alone, it is always nice to know you belong to a larger global, digital community that is there to motivate and support you.

Running inspiration isn’t always created—sometimes it’s found. When you need a healthy dose of running motivation to hit the pavement or trails this week, give these online running groups a chance.

Test out one (or a few) of the groups above to find your own community. There is truly something for everyone. Use the power of the connection within the group to propel you to your next PR. Onward you go!