Running Shoe Buying Habits

Running Shoe Buying Habits

Whether you’re just starting out, logging daily training mileage, or striving for a personal best in your races, your running shoe matters!

Running Shoes Guru surveyed their readers at the end of 2017 to find out more about the running shoe purchase process. More than 2,500 runners participated and the data collected revealed some very interesting trends, which they have shared with us here at The Run Experience!

Preference Based On Age

Nike is the brand of choice for runners younger than 20 years old (38%).

The percentage of Nike lovers shrinks to 19% with the 20-30 age group, who start buying into brands such as Asics (17%), Brooks (14%) and Saucony (11%).

Nike’s percentages continue to shrink as age goes up, while Asics, Brooks and Saucony remain the favorites.

Preference Based On Average Weekly Mileage

Asics is the favorite brand for runners who run less than 10 miles a week (18%) with Nike second (12%).

Asics, Brooks and Saucony become the leaders for the 11-25 and 26-40 miles/week group.

Nike and adidas are the shoes of choice for those running 40+ miles/week.

Most Influential Factors in Choosing a Running Shoe

38% consider comfort the most important factor when trying on shoes.

26% make their selection based on their previous experience with the brand.

17% look online for running shoe reviews as their main criteria.

Women are more interested in comfort than are men (47% compared to 35%, respectively).

20% of men value shoe reviews, while only 7% of women do.

Almost half of Hoka ONE ONE fans (46%) indicated comfort as their main criteria.

About the Author:

Ruggero Loda is a runner and triathlete from Amsterdam. He spent most of his professional life working for sports companies and founded Running Shoes Guru in 2009, with the aim of helping runners find the best running shoes.