Running Technique: dial in body rotation for a smoother run

Do you ever come back from a run and hurt in places that you wouldn’t expect? Your lower backs feel tweaked, your ankles are sore, maybe even your shoulders are bothering you? End it now with these quick tips.

Pain is normal when we are training hard but not all pain leads to gain! There is a natural rotation between the upper and lower body when we run. Without these two halves working together, running can often lead to the body breaking down early, and an increase in unnecessary pain during your run.

The body breaks down in two ways:

#1: We are too stiff in the body causing our rotation at the hips to be too tight, leading to short and heavy strides.

#2: We are too loose in the body, making our running rotation too loose, leading us to kick ourselves slightly in the calves.

If you run too tight, think about your running posture, and remember to shift that tension to the hips and core as we learned in the previous posture video.

If you run too loose, coming home with scuff marks on your calves, check out the simple drills in this short video.

These quick pointers will help you dial in your rotation for a quick, light stride in order to run smooth, more balanced, and with less pain.

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