Running Tips #3: Beat Chafing + Recover Faster!


In this week’s running tips post, we tackle two of our most frequently asked questions: how to beat chafing and how to recover faster after run workouts. Now while chafing and recovery are two topics near and dear to every runners’ heart, these become particularly important as runners branch into 1/2 marathon, marathon, ultra and beyond!

Do you know WHY your legs chafe?

It’s not necessarily what you think. Sure choosing the right short-underwear-lube combo go a long way. We would be remiss however, if we did not also look at your running posture, your hip position, and the powerful effects that feeling totally gassed has on your run technique.

In case you haven’t done so before, you’ll now fully appreciate how much your hips can drop as you fatigue, causing one leg to collapse right into the other, setting you up for perfect chafing storm!

Add 3 x 30-60″ single leg balance exercises each day into your running, paying particular attention to your hips and build the awareness and strength for beating the chafe!


10 minutes of Legs up the Wall feels like a 30 minute nap!

Getting the benefits of a 30 minute nap in only 10 minutes? Whether this is 100% true or hints of a touch of hyperbole is no matter. We DO KNOW that we could all benefit from a little more mental quiet and physical restoration. Fortunately, the legs up the wall pose is rich in both.

Try this exercise for as little as 10 minutes to see the benefits in your ability to tackle tomorrow’s workout with a little more vigor!

There you have it! Have any questions of your own? Post on our Facebook page or write to us directly! We just might answer your questions in next week’s post!

Recovering right now….

Nate & Craig