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  • Beginner Running Program
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  • 30 Day Run Challenge
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The Training Club includes access to ALL the running programs seen here on a monthly basis.

You can also click into each program and buy it individually.

All our running training programs include daily workouts and videos on run, strength,injury prevention and nutrition, plus coaching support!

  • Daily running videos and workouts
  • Race specific Programs
  • Training Support
  • Easily hop from one program to the next

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“I’ve been running for 10 years, but only recently started adding strength training to my routine. It’s magic! I am training for a RAGNAR relay this fall and I need to ramp up on my speed and distance! I look forward to learning all I can!” -Rebecca


If you have not had any coaching before or are a beginner runner, start here.

We’ll have you stronger, faster and ready to enter a 5K race in 30 days.

You’ll not only get fitter, you’ll learn how to run more gracefully and without risking injury.

  • 30 Day running program – 30 – 45 minute workouts!
  • 3 runs per week with 1 optional run
  • Weekly strength and core workouts, & daily injury prevention!
  • No gym or equipment needed

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“Just wanted to say that amongst the astonishing amount of online coaching stuff for runners yours is without doubt a standout. No BS, easy to follow, stuff that makes sense and is actually doable by anyone from Olympians to broken old guys like me.” -Tim Lovejoy


Head to toe coverage of common issues.

How to prevent and recover from these ailments.

A TRE staple.

Video exercises using foam rollers, bands, and lacrosse balls to stay healthy!

One of our most used programs by our athletes.

  • Running videos for EVERY common running injury
  • Runner’s Knee, Plantar Fasciitis, Hamstring, Achilles, Low Back and more.
  • Easy to follow & super effective
  • Our most valuable program for the time it requires!

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“Before the program I struggled with hip and knee pain, but the mobility work was invaluable to me – No more hip pain! I’m looking forward to another half in the fall. Until then, I will enjoy every day of running and cross training, and practice all the great tips I’ve learned from Nate, Holly, and the TRE Team. Thank you!” -Carrie Henderson, Nashville, Tennesee


A unique approach to running form that will teach you what good form naturally feels like, so you can correct yourself.

Simple to understand, intuitive, and easy to implement!

This is how to progress from jogging training to running.

  • Perfect form from the top down!
  • Learn what good form should feel like!
  • Fix your foot strike without injury.
  • Graceful running is within your grasp!

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“Wow. That workout is genius. I finally get what that whole running from your butt cheeks is about.”– Russell


Workouts that will introduce you to our methodology of running technique, mobility and running strength.

Includes a 2 week workout blue print.

For optimal training & performance.

Workouts & training for life!

  • Run longer, faster, and stronger
  • Unlock your mobility & strength
  • Perfect pacing & tempo workouts
  • Daily running videos & explanations!

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“I have used other programs where it is only running different distances. No strength training, no intervals or hills. I feel like that made all the difference. I no longer have knee pain and feel all around stronger.” -Tammy (Training Club Member)


Our flagship program—the 30-day run challenge.

30 Days to transform your running through daily workouts that include strength, mobility, running form and speed!

Whether a brand new runner, or
experienced vet… You will finish as a different runner than when you started.

  • 30-day running plan
  • 3 runs  per week. 1 optional included
  • Weekly strength & cross training workouts
  • Daily mobility & injury prevention workouts
  • Build your technique, strength, & speed!

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“A huge thank you to TRE for your excellent coaching and videos that are helping me reach my goals!…Today, I did some speed work on a track and ran just under a 8 minute mile! For me, at 48 yrs old, that is my fastest mile!”” -Karen


A race specific plan to get you focused on the things that matter. Prepare for your best race ever over the course of 8 weeks.

We recommend the 30 Day Challenge before you start this program, but not required.

Advanced plan with more mileage & intensity available!

  • 8 weeks of race specific training
  • Perfect continuation of the 30 Day Challenge!
  • Daily running videos & coaching
  • Run your strongest yet!

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“TRE Training works!! Finished the Carlsbad Half 12 seconders under 2 hours! Celebrated my 55 2023 birthday running it. Totally spent @ the finish and “get it” a bit more on the cadence, core work & knee lifting. Great time! Could not have succeeded like this without TRE! Thank you!” -Greg


4 months of race specific training. Building your speed, strength, and

Distance. Arrive at the starting line feeling healthy & confident!

Want to qualify for Boston Marathon? Advanced training option with more mileage and intensity available!

  • 16 weeks of race specific training
  • Weekly strength & injury prevention
  • Daily running videos & coaching
  • Run your strongest yet!

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“Longest run ever (17 miles!) The best part was my (more experienced) running partner commented on how good my form was all the way to the end even when I got tired. Thanks coach Nate!” -Susea Albee, Sitka, Alaska


Build a body that can train harder, run faster and further without breaking down.

Beginner & experienced options!

8 weeks of advanced strength work that you can do in any home gym or hotel gym.

2 workouts a week to really build your running related strength.

  • Improve balance, stability, power!
  • Extra core & mobility work
  • Squats, lunges, deadlifts, pullups, etc.
  • Easy to follow & fun workouts – 45 minutes or less

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“Want to say a HUGE thanks to TRE and TRE Community for all the help and encouragement! Yesterday I had a big PR in the Half. 1:24:45 (6:28 pace). Strength work and a huge emphasis on Mobility made all the difference in the world!” – Bro Baker