Video: Better Jumping For Faster Running

This video demonstrates two key jumping exercises you can start doing right now to take your running to new heights. 

Built on our squatting foundation, the squat jump teaches us how to be powerful, which will help us clear a stream in a single bound and shift gears for a strong finishing kick.

Regardless of the specific sport or activity, our hips are the biggest power generator in the body. The squat jump is a simple exercise that reinforces this natural and intuitive extension every runner performs in the act of cruising down the road or trail. But remember, not all runners do this well, so a little practice goes a long way towards improvement.

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Do you struggle running faster down hills or just running faster in general? Many runners aren’t prepared for the higher velocity and impact that comes with faster running and put on the brakes on without realizing it. The broad jump teaches us to land with stable feet, knees and hips despite the demands of forward momentum.

After mastering your squatting mechanics, add these two jumping exercises into your warmup or strength routine. Not only will you start landing like a cat, but you’ll be more effortlessly rocking those descents and crushing your competitors at the finish line!

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